According to Jonathan Hill the user can be passive, reactive or creative*, and we as designers need to consider that in our design strategy. As a cultural collective we see the public space as a opportunity for the everyday user to be active and creative.

Open Call 2018 - Makers in Residence
Auslober: RAUM

We designed a physical structure that enables and encourages the inhabitants to become an active part of Berlijnplein, a city square in Utrecht. It’s a modular system of urban furniture that is stored in a central volume situated on the square, which can be lent by everyone for several different usages like streetmarkets, concerts, workshops and more.

The goal of our design is to encourage the inhabitants to be an active and creative part of the public space and to initiate a self-driving process.

* Hill, J. (2006). Immaterial Architecture. S.59

Darmstadt, Germany